Season 1 Edit

Episode 1: Deggy at the Gym Edit

Deggy works up a sweat at the local gym.

Episode 2: Super-Deggy Edit

Deggy dusts off the cape and fights some crime.

Episode 3: Deggy-Showdown Edit

Deggy is ambushed by his nemesis, JizRag.

Episode 4: Bonfire-Deggy Edit

Deggy teaches us how to make a good bonfire.

Episode 5: Deggy Duel Edit

Deggy and Dyer are ambushed by JizRag, but this time he's brought backup.

Episode 6: Deggy and the Tramp Edit

Deggy teaches us how to use a trampoline.

Episode 7: Baller-Deggy Edit

Deggy plays basketball with the neighborhood crew.

Episode 8: Deggemon Edit

Deggy hunts for Pokemon and then confronts JizRag.

Episode 9: Deggy Date Night Edit

Deggy teaches us how to act on a date.

Episode 10: Deggy Date Night Part 2 Edit

After Deggy's date is interrupted a brawl ensues.

Episode 11: Deggy Date Night Part 3 Edit

After JizRag kidnaps the dates Deggy must become Super-Deggy once again to save the dates from his evil clutches.

Episode 12: Deggyshack Edit

Deggy teaches us how to play golf.

Episode 13: Dyer's Endeavors Edit

Dyer explores the exotic country of Spain.

Episode 14: Deggy Lunch Edit

Deggy teaches us the importance of good nutrition.